Food Safety - Level 2

The Food Safety Level 2 course will give your food handlers the legally required certification to work in the catering sector. It is aimed at anyone who handles food in the catering or hospitality industry – including restaurants, hotels, bars, takeaways, kitchens, hospitals, and schools.

The course covers the essential aspects of food hygiene and safety during all stages of food handling, so that you can minimise food safety hazards and ensure that the food you work with remains safe for customers to eat. You will also learn about the legal responsibilities of working with food and how to comply with the law.

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Food Allergens - Level 2

The Food Allergens Level 2 course covers essential information on dealing with allergens when preparing, serving, and selling food and has been designed to comply with the new Food Labelling Regulations – EC1169/2011.

Your employees will learn how customers need to be informed of allergens in both pre-packed and loose foods according to the new regulations, how to avoid cross contamination and what do in the case of an allergic reaction.

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Health & Safety - Level 2

The Health and Safety Level 2 course will give your employees a thorough understanding of health and safety issues your employees will learn about the various steps to take to prevent accidents, along with the course of action to take should an accident occur.

The course provides excellent grounding for the development and implementation of health and safety strategies to reduce the risk to employees and your customers in a number of working environments.

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Manual Handling Awareness

The Manual Handling Awareness course will provide your employees with the required training to understand the risk of manual handling, how to conduct a risk assessment and how to implement comprehensive control and safety measures.

There are several regulations in place to safeguard staff working in the hospitality sector when carrying out tasks which involve lifting and moving heavy items. It is important that your staff are adequately trained in manual handling procedures and you are fully aware of 'The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992'.

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First Aid Awareness

The First Aid Awareness course will equip your employees with the essential knowledge to maintain a safe working environment and take the correct action when an emergency situation arises. Aimed at both new employees and experienced staff who would benefit from refresher training.

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Fire Safety Awareness

The Fire Safety Awareness This course is aimed at people working within a hospitality organisation, who may be responsible for fire safety. This may be the manager or owner, or it may be the member of staff who is to be designated the responsible person.

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Courses available in multiple languages

All of our courses are industry recognised and are accredited by the UK’s CPD Certification Service. We recognise that some of your employees may prefer training in their native language, so also offer these courses in a range of languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Greek, Chinese and Portuguese, as well as English.

For a relatively small additional monthly payment employers can access the following service industry related training courses (English only):