The hospitality industry relies on the skill and dedication of its staff in combination with the efficient management of the business. The knowledge that your staff are well trained and that they have the correct skillsets to ensure your business is compliant is simply one less thing to worry about. Providing that training is something that can be outsourced and we provide the perfect solution for all types of hospitality training at this level.

  • Languages that meet the needs of your staff.

    We understand that hospitality staff come in all shapes and sizes (and languages) and we offer our suite of courses in 10 different languages - allowing your staff to learn in their own language and therefore offering them a better chance of passing with flying colours. We also have a range of packages designed to suit the needs of your business, your budget and the skills required by your staff.

  • We only work with the very best.

    Our training courses are written and managed by hospitality professionals with many years experience in their field. Your staff will be learning from the best and will come away from their training inspired by mentors who understand their aspirations and requirements.

    Our professionals include those with backgrounds in operations, health and safety, food safety, first aid, manual handling and all the aspects of your hospitality business that help it to run efficiently and legally. We work hard to source only the very best in their field to provide our training materials - making us one of the best providers of hospitality training for foreign nationals in the UK.

  • The flexibility you need.

    Our training courses can be completed online, giving you and your staff the flexibility they need to continue working while they train. With less downtime and without needing to take time from their usual schedule, your staff will be gaining a qualification and your business can still run efficiently. That is a win win for you and for your staff members too.

  • Our account managers will be there for you.

    If you want to follow the progress of your staff members or to discuss the needs of your business, our dedicated account managers are there for you to chat to 24 hours a day. They understand your business almost as well as you do and can talk you through the requirements of your sector and ensure your staff are completing the correct training to ensure compliance with legislation.

  • Keep up to date with the training schedule of your business.

    Our online training packages give you the opportunity to pick and choose those courses that suit the needs of your staff best. But also you can keep a close eye on how your staff are performing so you can offer support when needed and congratulations once they achieve their goals!