Language is no barrier to excellent training.

Our courses are offered in a variety of languages - making it easy for your staff to gain the qualifications they need, regardless of their level of English. We recognise that hospitality staff often come from diverse backgrounds, but that should never be a barrier to them achieving the qualifications they require to be great employees and for you to be legally compliant.

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Stay fully compliant with current legislation requirements around staff training.

We specialise in courses relating to food preparation, workplace health and safety, manual handling and first aid. This makes our service ideal for companies in the hospitality industry who wish to provide industry recognised training in these vital areas. Furthermore, as these are nationally recognised courses they help you stay fully compliant with current training legislation requirements.

Both our Food Safety and Health and Safety Courses are approved by The Royal Society in the Prevention of Accidents. The ROSPA stamp of approval means you can be assured that our course content is the very best the market has to offer and is up to scratch with regards best practice and legislative information.

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Easy to follow and accessible at any time.

The courses are easy to follow and accessible at any time, by anyone with a PC or laptop and a good internet connection. Once completed successfully, individuals receive a certificate of accomplishment demonstrating their proficiency in each key skillset. And as an employer, you can track and monitor their training progress with a real time dashboard feature.

Access to our online training
portal starts at only £175.

You can be confident that the prices for our flexible and comprehensive training are both competitive and affordable. Access to our online training portal starts at just £175 per month.

  • Food Safety
  • Food Allergens
  • Health & Safety
  • Manual Handling
  • First Aid
  • Fire Safety

In addition, for just another £50 per month you will get access to 10 further training modules in service industry specific skills relating to bar management, hazard prevention and housekeeping skills. That’s 15 courses available for just £225 per month, helping you to maintain your compliance and invest in your staff development.

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